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Posted on 09/08/2016
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  • Posted 3 weeks ago
I am unto having family and kids with lesbian who is close too,,, text me in my facebook page if intereted in,, Vahe A-yan


  • Posted 4 months ago
hey hi friend how are you? do write me on


  • Posted 6 months ago
nice profile! would love to know you more. send me email at 29maleindo if you interested. thanks Smile


  • Posted 6 months ago
Are you still looking for a marriage of convenience? If so I think it would be great to speak to you/talk..

So I'll be honest .. I'm more attracted to guys (but I am not open about my sexuality and therefore very discreet), but I also cant see myself settling down with a guy due to my background... I come from A Persian religious background (indo-Iranian religion with very liberal values, except for Ofcourse homosexualitySmile) so I thought dating/settling down with a an asexual woman would be the best alternative, where I would be with a girl who truly understands my situation and is also open to different or no sexual experiences, or wants her own sexual freedom to explore with other guys/girls after married with me. I don't think having a slightly 'alternative' sexual preference should prevent us from becoming the closest of friends, life partners, or being truly happy.. Ofcourse this would have to be our secret, as to the outside world (our family, friends, etc) we would be like any other happily married coupleSmile

I'm 28 years old, ethnically Persian, work in investment banking...I moved to London around 10 years ago for my undergrad degree, and then got sucked into the world of investment banking and have been there ever since.
I know I need to get out and experience other fields, but it becomes quite hard to change your career after being there for 7 years.. still mustering up the courage on that front haha

Apart from my career, I love travelling and would love for someone to accompany me on my travels. I'm also a real foodie, love trying different cuisines, although love high end restaurants, I would also equally like a meal from a shack if it tastes good 

I'm tired of being alone due to my situation... would be great to meet someone here if possible. Thanks for reading 

My ideal bi/straight-partner would be someone who is accepting/open of our interesting sexual situation.She would have absolute freedom in terms of having sexual experiences with other girls or guys, and would hope she would accept me for who I am too. To the outside world we would be like any other straight couple though, this would be something we share internally as our secret

She should be someone that's looking for a serious relationship and looking to settle down eventually. Also I think itd help if she was at the same place in her life in terms of being settled, have a decent career etc. I'm quite a flexible person, so tend to get along with most people. 1 thing in terms of personal preferences, I love people that are easy going, aren't too opinionated/controlling etc.

Anyways, thanks for reading!! If youre interested in meeting up for a drink or dinner, I'd love that. All the best! Email me on :



  • Posted 7 months ago
hello im gay 29 years from morocco living between france and morocco contact me by e-mail or facebook : kamal bennani


  • Posted 8 months ago
I am extremely open minded and easy going person. I am independent from my family. I am straight Muslim male, 35 years old living in Macedonia, Europe. I am looking for a MOC with a female or male who has citizenship from the European Union countries, the US, Canada, Australia, Japan or other countries. I want to gain residence permit and citizenship from this marriage. I want to relocate for MOC. I am also offering very strong financial support for my MOC partner. If not interested, maybe you have a friend who might be interested?

I am also looking to create new friendships with new positive people from all over the world, so write back. Thank you.


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