29 year old software engineer looking for MOC

I am a fair, good looking software engineer settled in Bangalore looking for a lesbian woman to marry. Please contact me at if interested.

How to search for people

Hello everybody, i am new to this website and following up the instruction on searching MOC partners i do not know how to find out .I followed every detail but no profile were founded how is that possible?Please help me

Looking for Indian MOC

Looking for MOC partner who has Indian citizenship, UK residency. Wanting to adopt a child in the next 5 years. Have USA citizenship, UK residency. Minimum 10 years arrangement.

Indian gay guy living in USA

My family is not stopping and looking for a girl for me in India I'm gay or bi not sure but surely don't want to marry straight girl and end up have bad time post marriage Looking for lesbian/asexual/bi woman who are in the same boat like me I'm 29 years old and settled in USA (northeast) Please write me at I hope we can solve one problem at a time!

hi there Let me begin with introducing myself as a decent good looking gay guy from mumbai whoz looking for a life partner. I am choosing this platform to do so, as the conventional methods of doing this exercise are not helpful. I intend to get married to a decent and educated girl with family values but a lesbian or an asexual; someone who can understand me and live with me as best friend for li…

New member

Hi boys and girls! I am new here and I find this site a brilliant idea. It is very well set up and easy to use. But I don't think that it is so widely known. Not as much as it deserves. I hope and wish that it will get bigger and bigger soon, with the help of everyone of us. I am looking to be connected as soul mates, best friends with a girl and eventualy to create a family together, based in l…

Ready When You Are

I realized I didn't put enough information in my Profile, so I updated it TODAY 1/20/2015. I am willing to HELP ANYONE that's willing to HELP ME & would like to be LONG TERM FRIENDS. I was MARRIED BEFORE and HELPED a Stranger and willing to do it again. The only thing I'm looking for in return is someone who's able to HELP with establishing and/or in a position to HELP me buy/finance a home.…

Operation Blog

Hi! I have been using the Search option in my quest for an eventual MOC but so far no response. Blogging may be better - hence the title. My profile is fairly well completed. One thing I`ve noticed about the GLMOC site is really international which is nice, especially for the likes of me because I live on Erin`s green Isle - not exactly the hub of cosmopolitan Europe. This summer has been kinda …

Congratulations! :)

We would like to congratulate 2 of our members who just got married recently, after knowing each other thru this website. (I hope, I can go to your wedding, but I can't due to your distant location). We really hope, you'll be happy with your life & God bless! To few other couples who are still working it out (you know who you are), all the best! Just focus on your common goal, and remember:…

Tell us, how we can improve this site :)

Hi all, Thanks for using this website to search for your MOC partner. We know how important this portal is to all of you, and therefore, would do anything to make your searching easy, convenient, effective, and successful. You can simply share your feedback below, or, send it to us privately here : TQ & BR,