When Kevin Durant joined the RS Mobile Gold Warriors last year, there was a mix of excitement and anger, depending on who you asked. Obviously, Warriors fans were happy to have him, but everyone else saw it as a betrayal to the Thunder, that he was joining the team that beat his old team in the Western Conference Finals. (The Warriors blew a 3-1 lead, but so did the Thunder, and people forget that.)

Durant’s been candid about why he at Buy RS Gold joined the Warriors, that when they lost the NBA Finals, the notion of being part of the team “became more and more real every day.”Since then, we’ve had months to get used to the Durant-era Warriors, we’ve already had our Durant-Westbrook reunion matches, and the Warriors are the best team in the league, like we expected. The jokes about

Durant joining new teams still get told on the internet, but they’ve been waning.Cut to All-Star Weekend, where comedian Hannibal Buress is hanging out, doing a comedy show with friends, and making appearances at events, one of which was an NBA 2K tournament that he was emceeing. Durant was there with Paul George, C.J. McCollum, Kyrie Irving, and Aaron Gordon to play against a team of pro-2K players called Still Trill. During that match, Buress walked up to Durant and asked him a question that was clearly brought up to mess with him:

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By the way, Durant’s team lost, and no, he’s not joining Still Trill.This is not the first time Hannibal asked a facetious question to someone in the NBA. Back in 2014, he asked former Cavs coach David Blatt if “life is pretty chill” even though the team lost. Blatt laughed, but to Buress’ credit, it was such a unique question that he also answered it earnestly.