It’s not affirmed he would leave the NBA Live Coins Hawks, but there’s a acceptable adventitious he would. He’s not a Hawks lifer like Horford was (and Horford larboard anyway!) and he’s a versatile, two-way amateur that would in actuality beforehand a agglomeration of teams appropriate away. The Hawks had a flurry of barter rumors endure year and didn’t end up accurate any aloft deals, and the aforementioned activity could calmly arise afresh this year.

But if the Hawks access Millsap could be Cheap MU Legend Zen headed out the door, afresh the time to get a acknowledgment on his bulk is now.Denver is a aggregation that could be interested, as able-bodied as Toronto or Oklahoma City.Likewise, if the Hawks could bandy players like Korver or Sefolosha for a amalgamation they like, there’s no acumen to say no.Why this doesn’t achieve senseIt all depends on the deal.

The Hawks aren’t appropriate to barter Millsap, and they in actuality shouldn’t chaw on a accord they accretion beneath than ideal. That’s in actuality the abandoned acute acumen they shouldn’t barter Millsap, unless they get a absolute able adumbration that he’ll re-sign with the aggregation this summer.Millsap is still a abundant NBA player, but he does about-face 32 in February.

It doesn’t assume acceptable that he’d accord the Hawks a discount, so there’s aswell the catechism of whether they ambition to pay a lot of money to a amateur who will be 36 by the end of his deal. His adventurous won’t in actuality abatement off with age, but he’s due for a abatement and some absent athleticism.Likelihood it happensIt’s still absolute aboriginal so this may just be a ache in the dark, but I say there’s a six in 10 adventitious the MMOGO