Italians who are flying in the game are also tanks and boats in the Vive la France update. It starts with premium vehicles, such as the Carro Armato P 40, which is a heavy tank, and the M26 Ariete, the Italian version of the American Pershing, delivered after Italy in 1943 passed to the Allies. Well, the Soldati class destroyer arrives at sea … agles .

The Germans will then receive the strategic heavy bomber Heinkel He 177, which was used mainly at the end of the war, for example at Operation Steinbock or Baby Blitz. The German machines will expand the lightweight Begleitpanzer 57 tank. And shortly, there will not be even the Japanese arriving at the heavy Ho-Ri tank. The latter one, however, depends on whether you want to play for a vehicle that was probably never made in the form of a prototype.

And then there are still exclusive vehicles for which you do not have to pay anything - you just have to fulfill a series of game tasks and they are yours. The first of these is the US eight-cylinder M8 Greyhound armored car, which is usually very mobile, but it's not too much in difficult terrain. In addition, he has an open top, so an air attack may be damaging for him, perhaps with a second gift, Soviet heavy fighter I-29. It is very manoeuvrable for its size, but beware - if you find more aggressive enemies like the German Messerschmitt Bf 109, you will have a problem.