27 Boston Gay Looking for Lesbian MOC in USA

Please email me [email protected] *About me* I’m Asian, 5’11’’ (180cm) tall and weigh 198lbs (90kg). I am well educated with a master's degree in computer science. Currently I'm working as an IT consultant in greater Boston area. (No, I don't talk to my computer. My job requires me to talk with my clients (human being) every day.) *Relationship* I have a gay partner, and we've been livin…

28 US/Canadian female seeks gay moc in USA or Canada

email at: [email protected] . I am a 28 year old working professional woman living in Toronto. I am originally a US citizen. Of Pakistani-Punjabi background. Raised sunni. But not practicing. Any ethnicity, or sect is fine with me. Looking for someone for a medium term marriage as I eventually want to live my own happy life. And I believe that parents will eventually give up on marriage status, bu…

Actively looking for an understanding partner

hi there, well off professional guy settled in Toronto actively looking for a partner for lifelong companionship.. I am very responsible and understanding person. sooner the better.. drop me a mail at [email protected]

28 girl well educated good family background fr Mumbai

Well to do from a very decent family background . Post graduate of MBA also have done hotel management from IGNOU work as a manager in Mumbai . My requirements are pretty much simple that I wish to continue working in Mumbai even after marriage as I have my own house and job here . I have been married to a guy once before he was straight so it didn't work out. Being honest before hand . Also ope…

28 girl well educated good family background

Hi With regards for moc I'm also looking for someone for the same . Im 28 years old come from a very good family background and looking for a lifetime companion who respects me and my ideologies and will get the same in at [email protected] cheers happy hunting all !

Hi, I'm 27 years old Hindu guy living and working in London. I'm looking for long term permanent MOC with a lesbian/asexual Hindu girl who is living and working in London or is ready to relocate. I'm looking for a partner who can support each other and be a friend for life. If interested, please email me at [email protected]

Ahmedabad Guy looking for MOC

Hello, I am a Gujarati Brahmin, Indian Bisexual guy from well off and well educated family. I am looking for a marriage of convenience (moc ) and it does ' nt matter if the girl is lesbian or straight or bisexual. i am ready and able to give her respect and love and we could be best friends . i dont mind if she has a girl friend or she is single i will give her enough liberty and space and i expe…

hi i m a 24 yr old fun loving good looking lesbian single girl , hindu rajput( rathore) in ahmedabad gujrat . looking for a gay rajput man for a moc for social coverup. please contact [email protected]

Hi…All, Am Indian born lesbian christian female living in kolkata.i am looking for Asexual or gay odiya christian man for MOC. need a man who understands, intelligent, smart, and sensible to understand and ready to marry me. I am sure we could be true best friend for lifelong. Mail me at [email protected]

hi there well let me start by introducing myself as a decent good looking gay guy from Mumbai whoz looking for a life partner. I am jain gujarati by religion nd caste. . I intend to get married to a decent and educated girl with family values but a lesbian or an asexual; someone who can understand me and live with me as best friend for life.Over last few years, I have realized that Indian society …